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What about?

May 10, 2010 2 comments


This is a blog about Film’s representational qualities: haptic, tactile, physical. About the film language that can transform it’s light beam into spectators phantasm of a body or obstacle you can almost touch, but at ¬†least feel.

So here you can write about films you’ve seen, ideas of how to increase such representational methods or theory to evolve a more precise way to get closer to it.

Also other art mediums are welcome, like performing arts, photography, literature…

for the beginning some film directors you should see:

Chantal Akerman (all, specially Jeanne Dielman)

Bruno Dumont (Twentynine Palms)

Claire Denis

Lars Von Trier (Anticrist)

and more…

and the books about the topic:

ReMembering the Body (Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2000)

The Skin of the Film, Intercultural Film, Embodiment and the Senses (Laura U. Marks, 2000)

The Material Image, Art and the Real in Film (Brigitte Peucker, 2007)

Deleuze and the Cinema of Performance (Elena del Rio, 2008)

Mysterious Skin (published by I.B.TAURIS)

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